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Just a little timber framed brewery in a kick ass town in northern BC making the best beer we possibly can. Cheers!




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There are a total of 10 taps, offering 4 mainstay beers and 4 ever-rotating seasonal offerings. If beer’s not for you, we always have a cider and our in-house brewed kombucha (non-alcoholic) on tap as well.

Last Cast Lager

This style of lager is a Munich Helles (“helles” literally translates as bright/light from German). It’s a classic light lager, with a crisp, dry finish, and just a touch more malt flavour than other lagers like Pilsners or domestic (American) lagers. We adjust our water using brewing salts and lactic acid, so that it matches the water in Munich. Plain and simple, this is a crowd-pleaser.

Twin Falls Pale Ale

A Northwest-style Pale Ale that features citrusy American hops balanced against a substantial malt backbone. As with any NW-style hoppy beer, it has a dry finish and a somewhat sharp bitterness. The hops kick off flavours of orange, lemon, grapefruit, and pine, which balance against spiciness from rye malt, and sweetness from crystal malt.

Hudson Bay ISA

This India Session Ale is brewed in the Northeast or New England style. It is hazy, full-bodied, a little sweeter, and has a softer bitterness than NW style hoppy beers. A huge percentage of the grist is oats, which add a soft, silky mouthfeel. The hops are all either whirlpool or dry hop additions, to maximize flavour of tropical fruit, citrus, and pine as well as minimize bitterness.

Bootlegger Brown Ale

This is an English-style Brown Ale. It’s slightly less carbonated than the other styles. Grains that have been roasted and/or caramelized make up about 20% of the grist, and add flavours of caramel, toffee, toasted bread, and dark chocolate as well as the dark colour. Even though it’s a dark beer, it’s not nearly as dark and roasted as stouts or porters.

For a description of all our beers, check out the Beer page.