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Mainstays & Seasonals

Mainstay Beers

There are a total of 10 taps, offering 4 mainstay beers and 4 ever-rotating seasonal offerings. If beer’s not for you, we always have a cider and our in-house brewed kombucha (non-alcoholic) on tap as well.

Last Cast Lager

Last Cast Lager

This style of lager is a Munich Helles (“helles” literally translates as bright/light from German). It’s a classic light lager, with a crisp, dry finish, and just a touch more malt flavour than other lagers like Pilsners or domestic (American) lagers. We adjust our water using brewing salts and lactic acid, so that it matches the water in Munich. Plain and simple, this is a crowd-pleaser.

Twin Falls Pale Ale

Twin Falls Pale Ale

A Northwest-style Pale Ale that features citrusy American hops balanced against a substantial malt backbone. As with any NW-style hoppy beer, it has a dry finish and a somewhat sharp bitterness. The hops kick off flavours of orange, lemon, grapefruit, and pine, which balance against spiciness from rye malt, and sweetness from crystal malt.

Hudson Bay ISA

Hudson Bay ISA

This India Session Ale is brewed in the Northeast or New England style. It is hazy, full-bodied, a little sweeter, and has a softer bitterness than NW style hoppy beers. A huge percentage of the grist is oats, which add a soft, silky mouthfeel. The hops are all either whirlpool or dry hop additions, to maximize flavour of tropical fruit, citrus, and pine as well as minimize bitterness.

Bootlegger Brown

Bootlegger Brown Ale

This is an English-style Brown Ale. It’s slightly less carbonated than the other styles. Grains that have been roasted and/or caramelized make up about 20% of the grist, and add flavours of caramel, toffee, toasted bread, and dark chocolate as well as the dark colour. Even though it’s a dark beer, it’s not nearly as dark and roasted as stouts or porters.


Seasonal Beers

Our seasonal beers are constantly changing. We’ll try and keep up on the website, but will consistently post updates on our social media!

Scatter Brain IPA

Scatterbrain IPA

A New England-style IPA. This offering is hazy, full-bodied, a little sweeter, and has a softer bitterness than traditional IPAs. The hops in Scatterbrain change each time it’s brewed, but expect different combinations of tropical fruit, citrus, dank, and pine flavours.

ABV: 6.5%

Sunset Summer Ale

Sunset Summer Ale - SUMMER

SBC’s take on a Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale is summer in a glass. Expect fruity notes of bubblegum, banana, and citrus, as well as white pepper and cloves from the rustic Farmhouse yeast. A hefty dose of rye malt contributes some additional spice, and locally-sourced wildflower honey adds a pleasant floral accent to the dry, effervescent finish.

ABV: 5.3%

Flower Power ISA

Flower Power Kettle Sour

A kettle sour is a beer that has had souring bacteria added to it early in the brewing process, resulting in a tangy flavour profile. This sour has been infused with 5 different flowers, giving it fruity and tropical notes, a clean, dry finish, and a deep pink hue.

ABV: 5.3%

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Blonde Ale

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Blonde - SUMMER

A straightforward American-style blonde ale, brewed with lactose and conditioned on a staggering amount of strawberries and locally-sourced rhubarb. Now you can have your pie and drink it too!

ABV: 4.9%

Boyd's Black Lager

Boyd's Black Lager

A traditional German-style dark lager, brewed with de-husked roasted malts that cut down on the roasted flavour that is typical of a beer this dark. It’s light-bodied, clean, and crisp like a lager, and features smooth flavours of coffee and dark chocolate.

ABV: 5.2%

Descriptions coming soon!

  • Training Wheels Radler
  • Panorama Porter
  • Hipster Fuel NW IPA
  • Old Man Winter Wee Heavy
  • Coffee Lager (Nitro)
  • Oh Shanada Shandy
  • Cloudwater Wit

Pilot Batches

  • Lemon Meringue Sour (Nitro)
  • Mango Passionfruit Milkshake IIPA
  • Chocolate Milk Stout
  • Candy Cane Blonde
  • Vanilla Bourbon Porter
  • Belgian Golden Strong
  • London Fog Mild (Nitro)
  • Wild Apricot IPA
  • Special Bitter
  • Mango Vanilla Milkshake Pale Ale
  • Coconut Brown (Nitro)
  • Smoked Honey Amber (Nitro)

Roy Henry Vickers – Skeena Seasonal Series

Our partnership with Canadian artist, Roy Henry Vickers, to showcase the true essence of northwest BC and the Skeena Valley. Four beers to represent the seasons on the Skeena.

Old Man Winter Ale - WINTER

The winter edition of our Skeena Seasonal Series collaboration with Roy Henry Vickers is a Scottish-style Wee Heavy. A robust and malty offering, this ale’s what cures the winter blues! Boiled for nearly eight hours to caramelize the malt sugars, it pours deep auburn and features prominent notes of caramel, toffee, and toasted bread. ABV: 7.8%

Cloudwaters Witbier - SPRING

The spring edition of our Skeena Seasonal Series collaboration with Roy Henry Vickers is an old world favourite with a new-age twist. As the Skeena River runs cloudy in the spring, so too does this Belgian-style Witbier. Brewed with coriander, chamomile, and a substantial amount of lemongrass, this refreshing and surprisingly complex beer goes down easy as the days grow long and the weather warms. ABV: 5.2%